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Hangzhou Bocon Mechanical And Electrical Co.,Ltd

Our team has 18 years of professional experience, specializing in sterilizer R & D, system design, sterilizer production and sales of comprehensive high-tech enterprises.

  • With a factory area of 17500 square meters
  • Three large production lines, 150 employees
  • The largest and professional ETO sterilizer manufacturer in China.
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EO gas sterilizer

It is very popular all over the world

Bocon is a professional ethylene oxide sterilizer manufacturer, our customers in more than 50 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Türkiye, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam,etc.
We have provided 50 sets of 100 m³ large sterilizers on a turnkey basis.

Asia's share258 sets
Africa's share 205 sets
Europe's share 126 sets
North And South America's share 156 sets

Welcome a cooperation, talk over.

Process outline

sterilization process consists of three stages

These stages can be performed within the sterilizer chamber

or in three separate chambers.

how it's


In the pre-treatment stage the load is heated and humidified to prepare for sterilization.

how it's

EO gas sterilization

The load is sterilized with the correct concentration of EO gas at low temperatures.

how it's


In the aeration stage, the EO gas residues will be removed from product and packaging.


what we offer

Proposal, equipment, installation, training of EtO sterilizer

Ethylene oxide sterilizer

Ethylene oxide sterilizers

Size and model: From 1 cubic metre to 130 cubic metres customized.
Production schedule 45-80 days. Provide IQ and OQ test reports after installation. Extra charge for remote guidance PQ or on-site PQ.

  • CE standard, Meet EN1422/ISO11135
  • Normal pressure range: -80kPa ~ +80kPa
  • Specific pressure range: -95kPa ~ +105kPa
  • Pneumatic Sliding Door or Revolving Door
Automatic Conveyor

Automatic Conveyor

Applicable to large sterilization cabinet, main purpose is to reduce the work product into or removed from the cabinet, is implemented for the increase in equipment, built-in power cylinder by cylinder drive tray, realizes the automatic transmission.

  • The average transmission time is 2 minutes per pallet.
  • The advantages of simple structure and durable.
  • The peripheral equipment requirements is not high.
  • The operator does not have to enter the cabinet.
Degassing/Aeration Room

Degassing/Aeration Room

Degassing/Aeration Room is used to remove EO gas residues from product and packaging after sterilization, usually according to the regulations of EO addition amount to parse time.

  • Heating & humidification, Rapid degassing.
  • Control system: touchscreen type, low price, small space.
  • Parsing, indoor temperature control at +/-2.5 degrees Celsius.
  • Opened, the stability of the system: ± 4 degrees Celsius.

Waste Gas Scrubber

Waste Gas Scrubber.Three kinds of emission standards: 80mg/m3(44.4ppm), 40mg/m3(22.2ppm), 5mg/m3(3ppm)

  • Waste rich liquid @40%glycol
  • Rich liquid can be sold to increase your income
  • Meet environmental protection requirements.
  • Customized design and production. Very popular.

category of EtO sterilizers

Safe, Robust, Efficient

Free Proposal, Layout and 3D Design



▶ Advanced Type, CE standard

▶ Meet EN1422/ISO11135

▶ Common sizes:

3m3, 6m3, 11m3, 15m3, 20m3, 25m3, 30m3, 50m3, 101m3, etc

▶ Material: all stainless steel

▶ Over 30 years service life



▶ General Type, CE Standard

▶ Meet EN1422/ISO11135

▶ Durable inner inflatable seal

▶ Carbon steel water jacket

▶ Over 20 years service life

▶ A free set of wireless sensors



▶ All in one Type

▶ Meet EN1422/ISO11135

▶ From 1m3 to 100m3.

▶ Customized production according to actual needs

▶ Fast Delivery and Easy installation sterilizer


our team began in 2006

18 years of professional experience






Partial welding



Finished product


warmly welcomed by customers from many countries


Halil from Turkiye

risus sağlık ürünleri sanayi ve ticaret a.ş.

" I'm very satisfied!
Thank you very much for the high-quality products and services provided by Bocon. Welcome to visit my ETO sterilization workshop at any time. "


Glen from Indonesia


" The products and services are excellent!
I am happy to recommend these good EO sterilizers to my friends.
Welcome friends from Indonesia to consult me."


Daniel from South Korea

The largest EO sterilization service plant in South Korea

"I am very grateful to Bocon for meeting my strict and high requirements.
I will continue to purchase ETO sterilizers from Bocon. "


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